Audi A2 Concept EV Debuts at Frankfurt Motor Show

The new Audi A2 Concept EV is very close to making its global debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. And, Circle Audi serving the greater Long Beach area has a few tantalizing details to push you even further to the edge of your seat.

From the first round sketches Audi released to build suspense prior to the unveiling, it is evident that the all new A2 EV features connectivity via a touch screen conveniently located inside the EV's steering wheel.

The EV's interior cabin looks similar to that of a spaceship cockpit with distinguishing clean lines and billowing curves.  The EV seats four people, comfortably.  And, given its unique hatch design, the A2 can effortlessly fit a bicycle in the rear, between the two rear seats.

The design of the Audi A2 Concept EV is perfect for eco-conscious and athletic commuters. Boosting the attractive sporty edge of the Audi A2 are distinguished, five-spoke wheels; kinetic sculpting; and dynamic lights that run down both sides of the concept's body.

Sounds unbelievable, right? And, to think, we're only beginning...The new Audi A2 Concept's tail lights are specifically designed to adjust their intensity/visibility to match the present weather conditions. And, drivers can even enjoy the luxury of altering the clear, glass roof from tinted to clear by a mere touch of a button. The most impressive feature is by far the fact that the Audi A2 EV is so intelligent that it can recognize its owner and unlock the vehicle by a gesture control.

Are you eager to learn more about the amazing new Audi A2 EV Concept?  Make sure to check back regularly. Circle Audi, located at 1919 North Lakewood Blvd. Long Beach, California, will have additional details following this week's official unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany.

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