Circle Audi is Your Authorized STaSIS Dealer

When you think of Audi, what values come to mind? Here at Circle Audi, we know Audi as a unique expression of design, performance, sophistication, beauty, and quality - a menu to please all palates. However, many of our clients desire a more exotic motorsport experience. This left us asking: "How do we enhance our client's Audi experience without losing the character, feel, and sculpted distinction that so many hard-working German Engineers bred into our cars?" The answer is simple: we've forged a partnership with StaSIS Engineering, a household name in Audi motorsports and performance, to bring you the cars you love (either your current Audi or your next) with the adrenaline rush you've been salivating for.

Step into Turn-Key Performance: Taking delivery of a brand new Audi could only be better if all of the performance upgrades you've dreamt of were already done. Circle Audi has the solution, and now offers the STaSIS Signature Series lineup of Audi vehicles. Complete, turn-key, and pre-fitted with STaSIS's legendary race-bred components, the only question is this: do you opt for the envelope-pushing Touring Edition, or nail-bitingly intense Challenge Edition?

Attached at the hip? You and your Audi go everywhere together; you can bring yourself to trade it in for a new one - there's just too much history, too many memories, too much love. Nothing will solidify your relationship like a fresh shot of adrenaline, courtesy of STaSIS Engineering and Circle Audi. Any of the STaSIS Signature Series upgrades are available (individually) to build your dream car, one piece at a time.

Your Audi is an athlete, don't poision it with steroids. Sure, there are other companies that build performance parts that bolt on to your Audi, but why run the risk of voiding your Factory Warranty? STaSIS believes you shouldn't have to comprmise race-track ready performance for sound peace of mind, and neither do we. With STaSIS, your Audi's Factory Warranty is preserved.

At Circle Audi, we don't mix top-shelf service with sub-standard merchandise. We offer the best cars with the best parts, installed by the best technicians. That's why we chose STaSIS Engineering - and so should you.

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