‣ History:

We started as Circle Porsche and Audi in 1969 on the Long Beach Traffic Circle.  We have worked for over 40 years to earn your trust.  The advantage of our time in business is the quality and integrity of the employees we attract and the loyalty we receive from those employees.  Some of our employees have been here over 30 years!  We know we have customer service and satisfaction deeply-rooted in every employee in every department.

‣ Location, Location, Location:

We are conveniently located on the border of Los Angeles and Orange Counties, but we are just a short drive from the Inland Empire, Norwalk, Southbay, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, San Diego and Ventura Counties.  But, we are not limited geographically.  We will ship your car anywhere in the U.S. and beyond.

‣ Facility:

To better serve you, we remodeled our building from the ground up to give you a state-of-the-art Audi dealership. The whole dealership including Service, Parts, and Sales were rebuilt to Audi's standards, giving you the best Audi experience down to the look and feel of the showroom. We look forward to having you as our guest where you can enjoy over 4 acres of our modern Audi facility in Long Beach.

‣ Family Owned & Operated:

It may not sound important to you, but being family owned makes us a more nimble organization.  We are not a publicly traded company or owned by a large retail group.  We answer to you, our customer, not Wall Street or some out of state corporate office.  Don't get us wrong, we are not so small we can't be competitive.  We do own other dealerships in LA and Orange County and will compete with any other dealership, regardless of size or ownership status.

‣ Audi Trained & Certified Experts to Assist You:

Our employees have to meet strict Audi standards.  They are trained and certified by Audi after hours of schooling and testing.  Investing the time to train our employees allows us to retain better, experienced employees to serve you.  We know that we have over 100 years of experience in each of our Sales, Service, and Parts departments here. It is time consuming to meet these standards, but we think you can see the Circle difference every time you visit.

‣ Thousands of New Cars Available:

Can't find the Audi you really want. Try us for that "impossible to get" Audi that other dealers say doesn't exist. Of course we always try to stock all the hot Audi models for you to choose and in most cases, we have what you want right on the lot.  However, with all the models, options and color choices available, sometimes we have to go the extra mile for you.  Our 40 years in business has allowed us to network and share inventory with other dealerships all over the US. This literally gives you a choice of thousands of new Audi vehicles. Challenge us.

‣ Certified pre-owned Vehicles:

Most of our pre-owned inventory qualifies as Audi Certified. Audi has a rigorous 300+ point certification process that each car goes through. If the car passes the necessary requirements, it will earn Certified status. There are a number of benefits including roadside assistance and an extension of the warranty up to 6 years or 100,000 miles. We invest a lot of money to make sure our cars meet these tough standards, but knowing you will have peace of mind when you buy from us justifies the extra expense.

‣ Excellent Trade-In Values:

If you have a trade-in, we have developed relationships with potential purchasers of your vehicle all over the country.  With our vast network of pre-owned buyers, we can get you top dollar for your trade-in, whether it is a Ford or a Ferrari.  So, regardless of whether your car is paid off or not, let us get the most value available for your current car.  Also, if your car is an end of term Audi lease, we are an authorized turn in point for any Audi lease and will be happy to do any necessary paperwork to facilitate your end of lease return.

‣ Custom Financing Plans Available:

After 40 years in business, you would also expect that we have created some excellent relationships with banks and other financial institutions.  That is exactly what we have done.  Our long term relationship with these financial institutions allows us to offer a wide variety of plans and options.  So, regardless of your credit score or situation, let us help customize your next payment program.

‣ The Platinum Customer Program:

For as long as you own and drive a car you have purchased or leased from us, you receive the following exclusive services at no additional cost -

  • Free shuttle service
  • Invitations to private events and clinics
  • 15% discount on any item in our parts boutique
  • Full tank of gas with the purchase of any new or pre-owned vehicle
  • E-mail notification of specials
  • Free trade-in evaluations anytime on any vehicle you own
  • Free Wi-Fi access while on location
  • Online service scheduling with priority scheduling (Service appointments preferred, but not required.)